20+ Drivers, 4 Races, 2 HUGE days

A line-up of unprecedented talent! With a 20-strong field, the French Cup is on a par with its European counterpart.

Finely-tuned machines and talented drivers put on a great show as they rival to score points.

The cup is part of the FFSA calendar, which comprises six races this year.

French Cup events comprise free practice, (timed) qualifying, a warm-up on Sunday morning and four races spread over the weekend. The grid for races 1 and 3 is drawn up based on qualifying times in sessions 1 and 2. The grid for race 2 is determined by the results of race 1, with the reverse grid principle applied to the first three lines. The grid for race 4 reflects the results of race 3, again with the reverse grid for the first three lines. So, the fifth and sixth-placed trucks will take the first line of the grid for races 2 and 4, with the third and fourth-placed on the second line and first and second on the third line. In case of a tie, the results of race 1 will be considered.

No wonder this discipline is popular! A breathtaking tussle between 5.4-tonne, 1,050 hp trucks makes for excellent spectator sport. The impressive trucks are production vehicles, specially adapted for racing. Any superfluous trappings in the cabin and on the chassis are removed to make the vehicle lighter. Chassis are stiffened and suspension modified to suit track driving. Race-specific fittings such as a bucket seat, roll cages and a cut-out device are added.

Racing truck specifications:

  • Engine capacity: Maximum 13,000cc with turbo inlet tube measuring up to 65mm
  • Minimum Weight: 5,400 kg,
  • With at least 3,300kg on the front axle and 2,200 on the back,
  • Manual production series gearbox (driver operated - Tipmatic and EPS are not allowed),
  • ABS is not permitted,
  • Anti-slip control.


  • For safety reasons, the track speed limit is 160kph. Without the restriction, some trucks could reach 220kph.
  • The rule is enforced by a satellite system (a sort of black box), which records on-track speeds. An incremental penalty system excludes the driver on the fourth infringement.

The points

  Races 1 & 3 Races 2 & 4
1st 20 points 10 points
2nd 15 points 9 points
3rd 12 points 8 points
4th 10 points 7 points
5th 8 points 6 points
6th 6 points 5 points
7th 4 points 4 points
8th 3 points 3 points
9th 2 points 2 points
10th 1 point 1 point


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